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Joan Manuel Serrat

  • Joan Manuel Serrat © Benito Pajares / EL MUNDO

    Joan Manuel Serrat © Benito Pajares / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Dec 27, 1943

"He is one of the most prominent singer-songwriters on the Spanish music scene. He has put the poetry of writers such as Machado, Alberti and Miguel Hernández to music."

Born in Poble Sec (province of Barcelona), he recorded his first disc called “Una guitarra” at the age of 22. In 1967 he achieved a number one hit with two songs composed in Catalan. In 1969 he released “Cantares”, which was to be a key record in his career, putting music to the poetry of Antonio Machado. His career has been studded with success. In 2006 he received the Gold Medal for Merit in Work.


National Modern Music Award
Awarded Doctor Honoris Causa form seven universities in both spanish and internationals

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Ara que tinc vint anys

    One of Joan Manuel Serrat’s first successes and the ‘Nova cançó’ (New Catalan music).

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  • Work of culture - Generic image


    The singer-songwriter Serrat sets these verses of the great poet Antonio Machado to music in homage to the poet.

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    Joan Manuel Serrat sings to the 'mare nostrum' in this song, which became one of Spain's popular anthems.

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