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Joan Manuel Gisbert

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Date of birth

Oct 16, 1949

"Author of young people’s literature. He is one of the most important writers of fantasy and adventure fiction in current literature."

He was born in Barcelona in 1949 and studied Technical Electrical Engineering, but soon realised that his real interest was literature. He studied theatrical techniques in Paris, and when he returned to Barcelona worked as a stage director in independent theatre. He began to work in the publishing world and published his first young people's book "Escenarios fantásticos". In the 1980s and 1990s he became one of the most outstanding authors of fantasy and young people's literature. In 1985 he received the National Literature Award for his work “El museo de los sueños” and in 1997 the Cervantes Chico award for his life’s work. He has also worked on the adaptation and creation of screenplays for television.



Lazarillo Award (1980)
Critics' Award 81984)
National Children's and Young People's Literature Award (1985)
Gran Angular Award (1989)
Cervantes Chico Award (1997)
Barco de Vapor Award (1990) (2000)

Essential works

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    The museum of dreams

    Written for 12 year olds and on, this story is a marvellous example of the specialist writer in children’s and young people’s literature, Joan Manuel Gisbert.

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Other highlighted works

  • El misterio de la isla de Tökland
  • El mensaje de los pájaros
  • Los caminos del miedo
  • El viaje secreto

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