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Javier Marías

  • Javier Marías © Chema Conesa / EL MUNDO

    Javier Marías © Chema Conesa / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Sep 20, 1951

"Writer. He is one of the Spanish writers who have won most international prestige. He was elected a member of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language in 2006."

He was born in Madrid in 1951 the son of the philosopher Julián Marías. He published his first novel "Los dominios del lobo" in 1971. It was dedicated to his fellow writers Juan Benet and Vicente Molina Foix. Since 1977 he has been a regular contributor to the press. He is also a well-known translator. The publication of “Todas las almas” (All Souls) in 1989 consolidated his reputation as a novelist. He is the author of numerous novels for which he has received a large number of awards in Spain and abroad. In 2009 he published “Tu rostro mañana” (Your Face Tomorrow) a huge work in three parts, with autobiographical elements, which has been Marías’s greatest achievement to date as a writer. His prose is notable for its search for a new and original narrative voice that does not follow the normal course of traditional narrative. In 2012 he received the National Narrative Literature Award, as well as the Formentor Award for all his work in 2013.


National Fray Luis de León Translation Prize
Herralde Novel Award
International Ennio Flaiano Prize (Italy)
City of Barcelona Prize
Critics' Award for Literature
Prix Fémina Award (France)
Spanish Royal Academy's Fastenrath Prize
Rómulo Gallegos Award
Alberto Moravia Award for International Fiction
Salambo Award
National Journalism Award
European Literature Award (Austria)
Nonino Literature Prize (Italy)
Madrid Region Culture Award (1998)
National Narrative Literature Award (2012)
Formentor Award (2013)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    A Heart So White

    This highly successful work by Javier Marías combines the genres of novel and essay.

    More info
  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Your Face Tomorrow

    Novel in the form of a saga by the writer Javier Marías featuring the academic and spy Jaime Deza.

    More info
  • Cover of 'Los enamoramientos', by Javier Marías. Editorial Alfaguara

    Los enamoramientos

    In 'Los enamoramientos', Javier Marías explores the dark side of that state in which men and women exist under the domination of love.

    More info

Other highlighted works

  • Los dominios del lobo
  • El hombre sentimental (The Man of Feeling)
  • Todas las almas (All Souls)
  • Mañana en la batalla piensa en mí (Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me)
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