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Jaime Bort

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Date of death


" Architect and sculptor. He is a great exponent of Spanish Baroque. His most important work is the façade of Murcia Cathedral."

It is known he was born in Castellón although the exact date is unknown. He received the commission to rebuild the façade of Murcia Cathedral, destroyed by floods, in 1736. Later, he designed and constructed the Plaza del Marqués de Camacho in Murcia and, in 1740, completed construction on the Puente Viejo Bridge over the Segura River. The Cuenca Town Hall project is attributed to him, alongside other Baroque buildings in Cuenca, and the Count of la Granja Palace in Orihuela (Alicante). He also worked on the church of Santa Justa y Rufina in Alicante, designing the new sacristy. Another Baroque example of his work can be found in the Santo Rostro Shrine in Honrubia (Cuenca). He died in Madrid in 1754.

Highlighted works

  • Façade of Murcia Cathedral
  • Altarpiece of the Church of La Merced (Murcia)
  • Plaza del Marqués de Camacho (Murcia)
  • Count of la Granja Palace, Orihuela (Alicante)
  • Virgen de Fuensanta Sanctuary (Murcia)
  • Santo Rostro Shrine, Honrubia (Cuenca)
  • Caravaca de la Cruz Town Hall
  • Puente Viejo Bridge (Murcia)
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