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Jacinto Guerrero

  • Jacinto Guerrero © EFE

    Jacinto Guerrero © EFE



Music, Zarzuela



Date of birth

Aug 16, 1895

Date of death

Sep 15, 1951

"Prolific composer of zarzuelas and musical reviews, he also created a considerable body of work for the film industry."

He was born in Ajofrín (Toledo) in 1895, and served as a choirboy in Toledo cathedral. He later studied in the Conservatory in Madrid with Benito García de la Parra and Conrado del Campo. He was first violin in the orchestra of the Teatro Apolo theatre, which he later went on to run. He was one of the figures who dominated the field of the zarzuela in the first half of the 20th century. With his own company, he went on various highly successful tours of variety theatres in America. After the Spanish Civil War he turned to producing musical reviews where he also enjoyed considerable success, thanks to his finely honed melodic skills. In 1948 he became president of the Spanish Writers' Association (SGAE). He died in Madrid on September 15, 1951.

Essential works

  • 'El Huésped del sevillano' © EFE

    El Huésped del sevillano

    Music and a historical setting combine to pay homage to the city of Toledo and the Spanish Golden Age.

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  • 'La rosa del azafrán' © EFE

    La rosa del azafrán

    Popular folklore, rural setting and classic plot for a zarzuela that became very popular and is well-loved by people who like this genre.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Soldadito español

    This is possibly the most well-known of the military pasodobles, and one of the most popular of this musical genre.

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  • Don Quintin the bitter. Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive

    Don Quintin the bitter (music)

    This adaptation of the work by Carlos Arniches was the film debut of director, Luis Marquina.

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