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Irene Vallejo

  • Irene Vallejo © Jorge Fuembuena. Ediciones Siruela

    Irene Vallejo © Jorge Fuembuena. Ediciones Siruela






Date of birth


"Writer. Irene Vallejo won the 2020 National Essay Award with her work "Papyrus", a journey through the history of books and culture in the ancient world.

Irene Vallejo was born in Zaragoza in 1979, and she has been attracted to the Greco-Latin world since she was a child. She studied Classical Philology, and won the first National Award for Excellence in Academic Performance. In 2007, she completed the European Doctorate from two universities, Zaragoza and Florence, with a thesis on the Greco-Latin literary canon. Her first essay, focusing on the Latin poet Marcial, won the Society for Classical Studies Award for Best Research Paper. She writes for various media. Her articles have been compiled in the anthologies "El pasado que te espera" (2010), "Alguien habló de nosotros" (2017) and "El futuro recordado" (2020). In 2011, she wrote her first novel, "La luz sepultada"; the second, "El silbido del arquero", was released in 2015. She also writes short stories and children's books. In 2019, she published "Papyrus. The invention of books in the ancient world", which won the National Essay Award, among other recognitions.


National Essay Award (2020)

Essential works

  • Cover of the book «Papyrus», by Irene Vallejo. Editorial Siruela


    Translated into several languages, this text is a fascinating essay on the origin and invention of books in the ancient world. It has been warmly received by critics and readers alike.

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Other highlighted works

  • Manifiesto por la lectura
  • Hablarán de nosotras
  • El silbido del arquero
  • El inventor de viajes
  • La leyenda de las mareas
  • La luz sepultada
  • La mascota virtual

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