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Gustavo Bueno

  • Gustavo Bueno © Ángel Casaña / EL MUNDO

    Gustavo Bueno © Ángel Casaña / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Sep 1, 1924

Date of death

Aug 7, 2016

"Philosopher. He is the main representative of the system known as philosophical materialism and the founder of the Oviedo School."

Born in Santo Domingo de la Calzada (La Rioja) in 1924, he studied philosophy in Zaragoza and Madrid, where he gained his doctorate in 1947. After holding a professorship in Secondary Education at Salamanca until 1960, he moved to Oviedo University where he worked as a professor in the Fundamentals of Philosophy. From 1970 onwards he worked on a philosophical system in many works that was highly influenced by Spanish scholastics and Marxism. It is characterised by a critical and controversial attitude towards its philosophical, cultural and political context. His ideas are systematically set out in his Teoría del cierre categorical (which began to be published in 1992). From 1998 onwards he has developed his work at the Gustavo Bueno Foundation, notably increasing his participation in current social debates and appearances in the media. He died in Niembro (Asturias) on 7 August 2016.

Highlighted works

  • Ensayos materialistas
  • Teoría del cierre categorial
  • El animal divino
  • Primer ensayo sobre las categorías de las "Ciencias políticas"
  • El sentido de la vida
  • El mito de la cultura
  • España frente a Europa
  • Televisión: Apariencia y verdad
  • El mito de la derecha
  • La fe del ateo

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