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Gervasio Sánchez

  • Gervasio Sánchez © Carlos Alba / EL MUNDO

    Gervasio Sánchez © Carlos Alba / EL MUNDO






Date of birth


" A photographer specialising in war photography, his camera has captured the major conflicts of the last quarter of the 20th century in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America."

He was born in Cordoba in 1959 and obtained a degree in Journalism from the faculty of Information Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Since then, he has worked as a freelance journalist for several newspapers and magazines. Specialising in armed conflicts and linked to the ‘Heraldo de Aragón’ since 1988, he covered the Gulf War (1990-1991) for the newspaper. He has also covered other wars in the former Yugoslavia, Africa, Asia and South America. Between 1992 and 1996, he travelled to Bosnia several times, and between 1994 and 1999, he focused on Rwanda and Somalia, as well as Bosnia. In 1997, he started work on the ‘Mined Lives’ project. He has been declared an adoptive son of Zaragoza in recognition of his outstanding photographic work, his social sensibilities and his indictment of the horrors of war. In 1998 he was named 'UNESCO special envoy for peace'.


Best Journalist Award (1993)
Best Graphical Work Award (1994)
Andalusian Culture Award (1995)
Cirilo Rodríguez Award (1996)
Journalism’s Human Rights Award (1997)
Gold Medal of Santa Isabel de Portugal, from the Regional Government of Zaragoza (2001)
Medal for Professional Merit from the Government of Aragon (2004)
Javier Bueno Award from the Press Association of Madrid (2005)
LiberPress Award (2005)
Ortega y Gasset Award for Journalism in the category of graphics (2008)
Human Rights Award from the Spanish General Council of Lawyers (2009)
King of Spain International Journalism Award (2009)
National Photography Award (2009)
Solidarity Award from the International Film and Human Rights Festival, Madrid (2010)
Julio Anguita Parrado Award (2011)

Highlighted works

  • Mined Lives
  • Kosovo, chronicle of deportation
  • Children of War
  • Through the Eyes of War
  • The Caravan of Death: Pinochet’s victims
  • Five years after: Mined Lives
  • Sierra Leone: War and Peace
  • Ten years after: Mined Lives
  • Desaparecidos
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