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Gerardo Diego

  • Dámaso Alonso (right) and Gerardo Diego (left) in convesation during a session at the Spanish Royal Academy of Language © EFE

    Dámaso Alonso (right) and Gerardo Diego (left) in convesation during a session at the Spanish Royal Academy of Language © EFE






Date of birth

Oct 3, 1896

Date of death


" Poet. He is considered to be one of the most representative figures of the Generation of '27, and headed the rediscovery of Góngora."

Gerardo Diego Cendoya was born in Santander in 1896. He studied Philosophy and Arts at Deusto University and there he met a friend who would prove essential to his literary career - Juan Larrea. In 1920 he was awarded the Chair in Language and Literature in Soria, Gijón, Santander and Madrid. He ran two of the most important Generation of '27 magazines - "Lola" and "Carmen". He was one of the followers of the Spanish poetic avant-garde movement, specifically Ultraism and Creationism. He produced the two versions of the famous "Anthology" of poems that made the Generation of '27 famous. He gave conferences and courses all around the world. He was a literary, music and bullfighting critic, as well as a columnist in several newspapers and member of the Spanish Royal Academy (1947). He died in Madrid in 1987.


National Literature Award (1925)
Miguel de Cervantes National Prize (1979)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Fábula de Equis y Zeda

    In Fábula de Equis y Zeda, the poet Gerardo Diego provides us with a splendid parody of mythological fables as a homage to his fellow poet, Luis de Góngora.

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Other highlighted works

  • Versos humanos
  • Versos divinos
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