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Frederic Marès

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" Sculptor. Although his work can generally be classified as belonging to the movement known as 'novecentismo', Frederic Marès is particularly well known for his monumental sculptures."

He was born in Portbou (Girona) in 1893. His full name was Frederic Marès Deulovol. At the age of ten, his family moved to Barcelona. He studied architecture at the School of La Llotja, where he also worked as a teacher until 1964. He joined the studio of the modernist sculptor Eusebi Arnau, and in 1919 created his first monument in Barcelona, dedicated to Canon Rodó. During this period he produced mainly portraits, funerary sculptures and a series of female nudes. At the end of the 1920s he began to become known for his monumental sculptures. From the 1940s on he dedicated himself to restoring monuments, producing official commemorative works and religious sculpture. He was also known for his facet as a collector, and in 1946 he donated the pieces he had accumulated throughout his life to the city of Barcelona to create the museum which today bears his name. He died in Barcelona in 1991.


Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1984)

Highlighted works

  • Sculptures in the Plaça de Catalunya square (Barcelona)
  • Monument to Francesc Soler in Gran Vía (Barcelona)
  • Monument to Francesc Layret in the Plaza de Goya square (Barcelona)
  • Restoration of the royal tombs in the church of the Poblet Monastery
  • Recumbent statues of Jaime I and Jaime II in Majorca cathedral
  • Decoration in the church of Sant Esteve in Parets del Vallès (Barcelona)

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