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Francisco Regueiro

  • Francisco Regueiro © EFE

    Francisco Regueiro © EFE






Date of birth

Aug 2, 1934

"Artist and filmmaker. He is one of the most interesting figures in Spanish film."

He was born in Valladolid in 1934, and is a multidisciplinary artist: writer, journalist, caricaturist, painter, journalist film director, and maker of television programmes and documentaries. He is a contributor to daily newspapers and magazines such as 'El Norte de Castilla' and 'La Codorniz'. In 1961 he obtained his diploma in the Institute of Cinematographic Research and Experiments with 'Sor Angelina Virgen'. Together with Gonzalo Suárez, Mario Camus and Carlos Saura, he belongs to the generation of filmmakers born in the early 1930s who are known by the name of 'new Spanish cinema'. His films tend to be very intimate and personal works which are not intended for a wider public. He worked together with Ángel Fernández Santos on the screenplays for some of his films.


Grand Prize for the Americas at the Montreal International Film Festival (1985)
AEHC's -Spanish Association of Historians of Cinema- Medal of Honor (2006)

Essential works

  • Our Father. Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive

    Our Father (direction, script)

    The film won the Grand Prize of the Americas at the Montreal World Film Festival.

    More info

Other highlighted works

  • Sor Angelina Virgen
  • Duerme, duerme mi amor
  • Madregilda
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