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Francisco Pacheco

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Date of birth

Nov 3, 1564

Date of death


" Painter and art theorist. Together with Vicente Carducho, he was the most important classifier of Spanish treatises on painting.

He was born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cadiz) in 1564, and is today better known for being the teacher of Alonso Cano and Diego de Velázquez (whose father-in-law he also was) than for his pictorial work. His importance for the history of art lies in the fact that he was the author of the 'Arte de la pintura' ('Art of painting'), the most important art treatise of the 17th century, published posthumously. Pacheco studied under the unknown teacher Luis Fernández between 1580 and 1585, and was educated in the Mannerist style from Italy and Flanders which was predominant in Seville in the last third of the 16th century. He enjoyed the protection of his uncle, a canon and a distinguished figure of the city of Seville, who most likely made sure he received a rigorous education in the humanities. He died in Seville in 1644.

Essential works

  • Description book of real Portraits, of Illustrious and Memorable men © Museo de la Fundación Lázaro Galdiano

    Description book of real Portraits, of Illustrious and Memorable men.

    The original autograph manuscript is by Pacheco, painter, teacher and father-in-law of Velázquez.

    Lázaro Galdiano Museum (Madrid)

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Other highlighted works

  • Arte de la pintura
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