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Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza

  • Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza © José Aymá / EL MUNDO

    Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza © José Aymá / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Oct 12, 1918

Date of death


"Architect. He is considered one of the most influential and respected figures in Spanish architecture of the second half of the 20th century."

He was born in Cáseda (Navarre) in 1918. He graduated in 1946 from the School of Architecture in Madrid and obtained his doctorate in 1965. He then expanded his studies in the United States with a scholarship from the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. On his return in 1949 he began work at the School of Architecture in Madrid, to which he was associated until his retirement in 1985, first as a teacher of architectural planning and subsequently as a professor of the same subject. From 1983 on, he centred his activity mainly on his studio work. His creations include such emblematic buildings as the Torres Blancas towers (1969) and the Banco de Bilbao (1972-78) in the Paseo de la Castellana avenue, both in Madrid. He died in Madrid in 2000.


National Architecture Award (1946, 1954)
Aizpúrua Award from the COAVN (1963)
Madrid Official Association of Architects Award (1971)
European Excellence Award (1974)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1987)
Antonio Camuñas Foundation Award (1988)
Gold Medal from the Higher Council of Architects (1990)
Príncipe de Asturias Award for the Arts (1993)

Essential works

  • Partial view of the Torres Blancas building. Madrid © Promoción Madrid, S.A

    Torres Blancas building

    One of the most impressive constructions by the architect Sáenz de Oiza is the Torres Blancas building in Madrid, one of the masterpieces of the style known as Spanish extreme organicism.

    More info
  • Partial view of the Banco de Bilbao tower Azca district, Madrid © Turespaña

    Banco de Bilbao tower

    The former site of the Banco de Bilbao in the Azca financial district in Madrid is an expression of the organic conversion of architecture towards the features of modernity.

    More info

Other highlighted works

  • Aránzazu basilica (Oñate, Guipúzcoa)
  • Plaza del Azoguejo square in Segovia
  • Torres Blancas building in Madrid
  • 'El Ruedo' residential building on the M-30 ring road in Madrid
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