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Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla

  • Artist / Creator - Generic image


Literature, Theatre



Date of birth

Oct 4, 1607

Date of death


" Golden Age playwright. He was an innovator of the dramatic subgenre known as the 'comedia de figurón', similar to farce, which was a precursor of neoclassical comedy."

He was born in Toledo in 1607. In 1633, the production in El Pardo of his play 'Persiles and Segismunda', a comedy based on the novella of the same name by Miguel de Cervantes, marked him out as one of the key playwrights of the age. Due to his Jewish origins, he encountered problems in receiving the habit of Santiago (1643), and Quevedo interceded in his favour. The exact number of his comedies and religious plays is unknown; during his lifetime he published 24, divided into two parts (1640 and 1645). His work features various themes which were unique at that time, such as the role of women as the avengers of their own honour. His comedies, characterised by a complex plot and the psychological depth of the protagonists or 'figurones', enjoyed widespread popularity. He died in Madrid in 1648.

Essential works

  • 'The Sport of Fools'. Classical Theatre Company © EFE

    The Sport of Fools

    Drama by Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla which inaugurates the "comedia de figurón" subgenre, similar to farce, and very popular in the Golden Age.

    More info
  • ‘Peligrar en los remedios: comedia.’ Madrid © Biblioteca Nacional de España

    Peligrar en los remedios: Comedy. (A Risk Among Remedies: a comedy)

    Manuscript of the play by Fernando de Rojas Zorrilla.

    Spanish National Library (Madrid)

    More info

Other highlighted works

  • Cada cual lo que le toca
  • Morir pensando matar
  • El Caín de Cataluña
  • Del rey abajo, ninguno
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