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Francisco Camprodón

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Date of birth

Mar 4, 1816

Date of death


" Dramatist, politician and poet. He was a pre-eminent author of zarzuelas in the golden age of the genre."

He was born in Vic in March, 1816. He studied law at the University of Cervera and graduated in Barcelona (1838). His high-profile militancy in the Liberal party led to a period of exile in Cadiz. In spite of his reputation as a mediocre and prosaic poet, he worked extensively as a librettist for successful zarzuelas. He worked mainly with the musicians Emilio Arrieta, Francisco Asenjo Barbieri, Cristóbal Oudrid and Nicolau Manent, and wrote various pieces in Catalan at the height of the movement known as the Renaixença. He was a firm defender of authors' copyrights, and established the custom whereby these were no longer forfeited to the theatrical impresarios, thus contributing to improving the quality of life of the dramatists of his time. He died in Havana in August, 1870.

Essential works

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    El dominó Azul

    This was the first of fifty zarzuelas that the maestro Emilio Arrieta composed and released throughout his prolific career.

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    Los diamantes de la corona

    One of the first great zarzuelas in Spanish music and one of the best compositions by Francisco Asenjo Barbieri, the conductor and composer from Madrid.

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    The opera started out as a zarzuela, and is one of the most popular and most often staged of all Spanish operas.

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Other highlighted works

  • Marina
  • Los diamantes de la corona
  • El diablo en el poder
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