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Francisca Aguirre

  • Francisca Aguirre © EFE

    Francisca Aguirre © EFE






Date of birth

Oct 27, 1930

Date of death

Apr 14, 2019

"Poetess. Francisca Aguirre has won the National Poetry Prize for her work entitled 'Historia de una anatomía' ('History of an anatomy')."

Francisca Aguirre was born in Alicante in 1930. She is the daughter of the painter Lorenzo Aguirre, and was self-taught. In cultural circles she is known by the name of Paca Aguirre. When she was 15 years old she began to work as a telephone operator and later as a secretary until 1963. During this time she read widely and frequented the literary gatherings in the Madrid Athenaeum and the Café Gijón, where she mingled with writers such as José Hierro, Antonio Buero Vallejo and Gerardo Diego. In 1963 she married the poet Félix Grande. In 1966, after reading Kavafis and Rilke, she burned everything she had ever written before, and began to create the poems that would be collected in her work 'Ítaca' (Ithaca'). Since then she has published various award-winning books which have been translated into several languages. In 1971, she began working at the Institute of Hispanic Culture as secretary to Luis Rosales, where she remained until his death in 1994. She died in Madrid in 2008.


Leopoldo Panero Award (1971)
City of Irún Award (1977)
Galiana Award (1994)
Esquío Poetry Award (1995)
'Miguel Hernández' International Poetry Award (2010)
National Poetry Prize (2011)
National Spanish Literature Award (2018)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Historia de una anatomía

    This work, entitled 'Historia de una anatomía' ('History of an anatomy'), has won the National Poetry Prize for its author, Francisca Aguirre.

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