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Fernando León de Aranoa

  • Fernando León de Aranoa © Antonio Heredia / EL MUNDO

    Fernando León de Aranoa © Antonio Heredia / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

May 26, 1968

"Film director and screenwriter. He is one of the most promising talents in Spanish films. His films give a very personal view of situations of great social importance."

He was born in Madrid in 1968 and gained a degree in Imaging Science at the Complutense University. He started working as a scriptwriter on television programmes, such as ‘Un, dos, tres…responda otra vez’ and comedy sketches for Martes y Trece. In 1996, Elias Quejereta produced his first work ‘Family’, which was surprising in its freshness and originality. He proved to be a great director of actors from his very first film. In 1998, he filmed ‘Barrio’, and established his reputation in 2002 with ‘Mondays in the sun’. This film won the Concha de Oro award at the San Sebastián International Film Festival and five Goya awards. After this, he directed ‘Princesses’ (2005), ‘Invisibles’ (2007) and ‘Amador’ (2010).


Concha de Oro at the International Film Festival of San Sebastian (2002)
Goya Award Best Film Award (2003)
Goya Award for Best Director (2003)

Goya Award for the Best Adapted Screenplay (2016)

Essential works

  • Poster. Mondays in the Sun © EFE

    Mondays in the Sun (direction, script)

    A social realism film, highly acclaimed in the Goya awards. It depicts the drama of unemployment and the people suffering it. 

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Other highlighted works

  • Family
  • Barrio
  • Princesses
  • A perfect day
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