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Fernán Caballero

  • Fernán Caballero © P. Rotger/Iberfoto

    Fernán Caballero © P. Rotger/Iberfoto






Date of birth

Dec 24, 1796

Date of death


" Writer. She started modestly in the genre of Spanish realist novel. She is the precursor of the great generation of renovating novelists, led by Galdós."

Cecilia Böhl de Faber y Larrea, known by her pseudonym Fernán Caballero, was born in Morges (Suiza), in 1796. She was daughter of a German Hispanist and spent her childhood in Cadiz. In 1805 she moved to Hamburg. After her first husband died, with whom she had travelled to Puerto Rico in 1816, she returned to Spain and married the Marquis of Arco-Hermoso. Between 1820 and 1835 she wrote two novels in German, which were published in Hamburg in 1840. After her second husband died she married Antonio Arrom, with whom she travelled to Manila and then to Australia. Several of her novels appeared in 1849: "La gaviota", "Una en otra" and "Elia". She continued to publish regularly until she achieved great success with "La farisea" in 1865. She died in Seville in 1877.

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    The Seagull

    Cecilia Böhl de Faber, aka ‘Fernán Caballero’, beat a path towards the great Spanish novel of the 19th century.

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Other highlighted works

  • La familia de Alvareda
  • La farisea
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