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Felipe Hernández Cava

  • Felipe Hernández Cava © Jaime Villanueva / EL MUNDO

    Felipe Hernández Cava © Jaime Villanueva / EL MUNDO



Illustration, Literature



Date of birth


"Comic strip writer and editor. He is considered one of the most important comic artists of his generation thanks to his contribution to the revival of the Spanish comic."

He was born in Madrid in 1953. He graduated in History of Art from the Autónoma University in Madrid. He began working as a comic strip writer in 1971 at the daily newspaper 'Pueblo'. In 1972, he and his former classmate Saturio Alonso formed the team known as 'El Cubri', which would later be joined by another draughtsman, Pedro Arjona. Under this pseudonym they published comics such as 'El que parte y reparte', 'Sombras', 'El hombre invisible' and “Francografías”. During the political transition in the late 1970s he became a well-established writer who contributed widely to various press publications. Between 1984 and 1987 he was editor of the comic magazine 'Madriz', which served as a springboard for many young artists who would later go on to become outstanding figures on the Spanish comic scene.


National Comic Award (2009)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    The blind snakes

    Magnificent comic featuring a story of detective intrigue against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War.

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Other highlighted works

  • Las memorias de Amorós
  • El hombre descuadernado

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