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Federico Romero

  • Artist / Creator - Generic image





Date of birth

Nov 11, 1886

Date of death

Jun 30, 1976

"Librettist. Together with Fernández-Shaw, he dominated the field of the zarzuela after the Spanish Civil War. He was one of the founders of the Spanish Writers' Association (SGAE) in 1932."

He was born in Oviedo in 1886. He considered himself to be from La Mancha in spite of being born in Asturias, as he never lost his family's traditional attachment to La Solana in Ciudad Real. The zarzuela 'La rosa de azafrán' (1930) with music by Jacinto Guerrero is a free adaptation of the palace comedy by Félix Lope de Vega 'The dog in the manger', and its setting is a homage to La Mancha. He enjoyed great success in his collaboration with Guillermo Fernández-Shaw, with the libretto of 'Luisa Fernanda', which was set to music by the prolific Federico Moreno Torroba. He was named an honorary citizen by the town council of La Solana. He died in Madrid on June 30, 1976.

Essential works

  • 'Doña Francisquita' © EFE

    Doña Francisquita

    One of the most important successes in the history of zarzuela. This magnificent zarzuela by the Catalan maestro Amadeo Vives has been performed thousands of times.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    El caserío

    Basque flavour. It is aspires to turn local elements - Basque customs, folklore and traditional values - into a great musical show.

    More info
  • 'La rosa del azafrán' © EFE

    La rosa del azafrán

    Popular folklore, rural setting and classic plot for a zarzuela that became very popular and is well-loved by people who like this genre.

    More info
  • «La tabernera del puerto». Teatro de la Zarzuela © Ministerio de cultura

    La tabernera del puerto

    A late and masterly zarzuela, in which the traditional seaside atmosphere becomes art.

    More info
  • 'Luisa Fernanda' © EFE

    Luisa Fernanda

    The Madrid of romance and customs shares a prominent role with the rural atmosphere of the pastureland of Extremadura in this successful zarzuela by the composer and maestro Federico Moreno Torroba.

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