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Federico García Lorca

  • Federico García Lorca © Ministerio de Cultura

    Federico García Lorca © Ministerio de Cultura



Literature, Theatre



Date of birth

Jun 5, 1898

Date of death


"Writer, poet and playwright. He is the most influential and popular Spanish poet of the 20th century. He was part of the movement known as the generation of '27."

He was born in Fuente Vaqueros (Granada) in 1898. The rural setting of his hometown played a key role in his work, which was also strongly influenced by contemporary avant-garde movements. The epic and mythical reminiscences of his poetry are highlighted in his work entitled 'Romancero Gitano' ('Gypsy ballads') (1928). His stay in the United States (1929-1930) brought about a change in his poetic viewpoint, as seen in his work 'Poet in New York'. During the period of the second Republic, as well as working disinterestedly with the 'La Barraca' travelling theatre, he also worked in commercial theatre, without compromising his engagement with literary renewal. His definitive triumph came with the appearance of 'Blood Wedding' (1933). He was murdered in 1936 after the military uprising which preceded the Spanish Civil War, due to his sympathy for the Frente Popular and for his overt homosexuality.

Essential works

  • 'Blood Wedding'. National Drama Centre. Alberto Nevado-Álex Blanco © Ministerio de Cultura

    Blood Wedding

    Well-known play by Federico García Lorca about an Andalusian wedding that ends in tragedy.

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  • “The Public”, “The Audience”

    One of the most dramatic of Frederico García Lorca's works, though also one of the most peculiar, given that it falls into the realm of surrealism.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Poet in New York

    Considered by contemporary criticism to be Frederico García Lorca's most important work of poetry, Poet in New York represents the fruits of the writer's stay in New York.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Gypsy Ballads

    The publication of Gypsy Ballads, a collection of 18 ballads, made the dramatist Federico García immediately successful and popular.

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  • 'Yerma'. National Theatre Museum, Almagro © Ministerio de Cultura


    Tragic play by Lorca on the misfortunes of a woman who wants to be a mother but is not able to.

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Other highlighted works

  • Sonnets of dark love
  • Doña Rosita the spinster or the language of flowers
  • The shoemaker's prodigious wife
  • Love of Don Perlimplín with Belisa in his garden


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