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Federico Chueca

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Date of birth

May 5, 1846

Date of death

Jun 20, 1908

" Composer with a deeply popular traditional style and an uncommon talent for melody and rhythm. Author of the zarzuela 'La Gran Vía', he is one of the maximum exponents of the popular musical style known as the género chico."

Pío Estanislao Federico Chueca y Robres began his studies in the conservatory when he was eight years old. Due to pressure from his family, he took up medicine. His musical career began when Francisco Asenjo Barbieri orchestrated and staged his work 'Lamentos de un preso', a series of waltzes composed during the three days he spent in prison due to his involvement in a revolt against Narváez in 1866. Although he conducted the orchestra of the Teatro de Variedades theatre, he always relied on the support of professionals such as Barbieri, Tomás Bretón and particularly Joaquín Valverde, for orchestration. His cheerful and catchy compositions won him the adulation of the public. 'Gran Vía' ran for four consecutive years in the Teatro Apolo theatre. He died in Madrid in June 1908.

Essential works

  • «Agua, azucarillos y aguardiente» © EFE

    Agua, azucarillos y aguardiente

    One of the key works of the genre known as the género chico. A fresh and high-spirited piece set against a popular backdrop of traditional Madrid.

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  • 'La Gran Vía' © EFE

    La Gran Vía

    For years, the composers Federico Chueca and Joaquín Valverde collaborated creating several zarzuelas and sainetes (short sketches) from the popular music style known as género chico.

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Other highlighted works

  • La canción de Lola
  • El mantón de Manila
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