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Eugenio d'Ors

  • Eugenio d'Ors © EFE

    Eugenio d'Ors © EFE






Date of birth

Sep 28, 1882

Date of death


" Writer, essayist, journalist, philosopher and art critic. Promoter of the movement known as "Novecentismo" in Catalonia."

Eugenio d'Ors i Rovira was born in Barcelona, in 1882. He studied at the universities of Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. Secretary of the Institute of Catalan Studies (1911), and director of its philosophical seminar (1918), he directed the department of State Education of the Community of Catalonia. He settled in Madrid in 1920. Of his many works in Catalan, an important one was "Glossari" (1906-14), a collection of essays and articles, including "La ben plantada" (1912), considered the breviary of "Novecentismo", which reacts against modernism and the aesthetic proposals by Joan Maragall. His journalism work appeared under the pseudonym of Xenius. He occupied different positions of responsibility during the dictatorship and was appointed National Head of Fine Arts (1938 - 1939). He died in Vilanova i la Geltrú in 1954.

Essential works

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    Glosari is a collection of articles or glosas published by the Catalan intellectual Eugenio d'Ors beginning in 1906. It became the basic reference for his noucentisme - a term coined by D'Ors to refer to Catalan culture of the 20th century.

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