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Ernesto Halffter Escriche

  • Ernesto Halffter Escriche © EFE

    Ernesto Halffter Escriche © EFE






Date of birth

Jan 16, 1905

Date of death


"Composer from a family of composers. He married the Portuguese pianist Alicia Cámara de Santos. He was part of the movement known as the Generation of 27."

Born in Madrid in 1905, he studied at the German school in Madrid. He composed pieces for the piano from the time he was a small boy. He studied harmony with Francisco Esbri and piano with Fernando Ember. His style is refined with a clear neo-classic orientation. When he was 15 years old, he wrote three lyric pieces for piano. Thanks to Adolfo Salazar, he met Manuel de Falla, who later became his teacher. In 1924 he took over the Bética de Cámara Orchestra in Seville, which was founded by Falla. He was named Director of the Music Conservatory of Seville in 1934. During the 1960s, he wrote music for movies like “Todo es posible en Granada (Everything’s Possible in Granada).” In 1973 he became a member of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He died in July 1989.


National Music Award
Grand Cross of Alphonse X the Wise
National Music Award from the Ministry of Culture

Essential works

  • Radio Stories © EFE

    Radio Stories (music)

    A charming film about the phenomenon of radio contests in Spain in the 1950s.

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Other highlighted works

  • Twilight
  • String Quartet in A minor
  • Don Quixote of la Mancha
  • Los gozos de Nuestra Señora (The joys of Our Lady)

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