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Enrique Morente

  • Enrique Morente © Javi Martínez / EL MUNDO

    Enrique Morente © Javi Martínez / EL MUNDO



Flamenco, Music



Date of birth

Dec 25, 1942

Date of death

Dec 13, 2010

"Flamenco singer and pioneer of the renewal of modern flamenco. He worked in all of the types of Jondo flamenco singing."

He was born in Granada in 1942, and was a choirboy in Granada cathedral. When he was 18 years old, he moved to Madrid, where he was known as Enrique el Granaíno. In 1986 he created the “Fantasía del cante jondo para flamenco y orquesta” (Jondo flamenco music Fantasy for flamenco and orchestra) along with Antonio Robledo at the Royal Theatre of Madrid. He constantly looked for common ground between different folklores and traditions. He created a dark and poetic vision of the Alhambra with his record “Morente sueña la Alhambra” (Morente Dreams of the Alhambra) (2005), with Tomatito, his daughter Estrella Morente and Juan Habichuela, among others. Flamencologist Balbino Gutiérrez published his biography in 1996. He died on 13 December 2010.


National Award for Best Record from the Folkloric Ministry (1978)
National Music Award from the Ministry of Culture (1994)
Gold Medal from the Chair of Flamencology (1995)
Giraldillo Award Seville City from the Flamenco Biennial (2014)


Highlighted works

  • Flamenco Homage to Miguel Hernández
  • Cruz y Luna (Cross and Moon)
  • Misa Flamenca (Flamenco Mass)
  • Pablo de Málaga (Pablo from Malaga)
  • Morente sueña la Alhambra (Morente Dreams of the Alhambra)

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