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Eliacer Cansino

  • Eliacer Cansino © EFE

    Eliacer Cansino © EFE






Date of birth


"Writer. His is work has won this professor from Seville a place and prestige in the panorama of young people’s literature."

He was born in Seville in 1954 and now teaches Philosophy at the secondary school in the town of Aznalfarache, in the province of Seville. His literary activity has focused mainly on children’s and young people’s literature, but he is also author of a number of works for adults, as well as volumes of poetry. His work "Una habitación en Babel”, published in 2009, won the Anaya Children’s and Young People's Fiction Award for the year, and a year later, the National Literature Award. The work deals with themes that recur in the rest of the author’s books, such as social conflicts in adolescence, ethics, hope and delinquency.


National Children's and Young People's Literature Award (2010)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    A room in Babel

    A novel written in the youth of the sculptor and philosophy teacher, Eliacer Cansino, describing the common story of characters with very different backgrounds and social standings.

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Other highlighted works

  • Paisaje de las sombras
  • Los ojos de Ícaro
  • Retratos de opositores
  • Yo, Robinsón Sánchez, habiendo naufragado
  • Tras los ojos de la garza
  • El misterio Velázquez
  • Ok, señor Foster
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