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El Hortelano

  • El Hortelano © EFE

    El Hortelano © EFE






Date of birth

Aug 6, 1954

Date of death

Dec 20, 2016

"Painter. He is considered one of the most prestigious painters of his generation. The painting 'El misterio del mundo' ('The mystery of the world') (1985) marks a watershed in his artistic discourse."

José Alfonso Morera Ortiz, better known as 'El Hortelano', was born in Valencia in 1954. At the age of ten, after a long illness, he discovered his vocation for painting and abandoned his university studies in pharmacy. In 1974 he moved to Madrid and shortly after to Barcelona, New York and Mexico. Much of his early work was published in the magazines 'Star', 'Ajoblanco', 'El viejo Topo' and 'Triunfo'. He was part of the intellectual circles of the countercultural movement known as the Movida Madrileña, and his studio became an essential reference point for artists of the likes of Alberto García-Alix, Pedro Almodóvar, Guillermo Pérez Villalta and Ouka Leele. Since the 1990s he has evolved towards the use of a more sombre palette and a more sophisticated technique. He died in Madrid in 2016.


Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2010)

Highlighted works

  • Las cuatro estaciones de Europa
  • Requiem
  • Serie Pater Noster
  • Savitaipale
  • Serie Humano
  • Serie Osa Mayor

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