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Eduardo Chillida

  • Eduardo Chillida © EFE

    Eduardo Chillida © EFE






Date of birth

Jan 10, 1924

Date of death


" Sculptor and academic. His work is present in over 20 museums throughout the world. He was one of the most influential Basque artists of the 20th century."

He was born in San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) in 1924, and produced his first works in 1947. He lived in France for two years (1948-1950), where he had his first exhibition. On his return to the Basque Country, he settled in Hernani where he created his first work in iron, entitled 'Ilarik' (1951), a material with which he worked for ten years. In around 1960 he returned to large-scale granite sculptures. His first exhibition in Madrid took place in 1954, and this was quickly followed by a series of works and triumphs. He was one of the 30 creators who used fragments of the Berlin Wall as a canvas. In 1996 he joined the artistic advisory committee for the Fine Arts Museum in Bilbao. He lived to see the accomplishment of his dream of establishing an open-air museum. He died in the town of his birth in 2002.  


Grand Prize for sculpture at the Venice Biennial (1958)
Kandinsky Prize in Paris (1960)
Award from the Providence Arts Club in Rhode Island (1961)
Carnegie Prize (1964)
International engraving prize from Lubianka (1972)
Diano Maria Prize in Italy, Rembrandt Prize in Germany (1976), Mellon Prize in Pennsylvania (1978), Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1981)
Prix National des Beaux Arts pour la Sculpture, National French Sculpture Prize (1985)
Wolf Prize for the Arts
Príncipe de Asturias Award for the Arts (1987)
Order for Merit in Science and Culture

Essential works

Other highlighted works

  • The comb of the wind (Bay of San Sebastián)
  • The beached mermaid (Madrid)
  • Eulogy to the horizon (Gijón)
  • Puerta de música (Santiago de Compostela)
  • Monument to Tolerance (Seville)
  • Tolerance for dialogue (Germany)
  • Besarkada (Embrace) (San Sebastián)
  • Barcelona (Barcelona)
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