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Edgar Neville

  • Edgar Neville © EFE

    Edgar Neville © EFE






Date of birth

Dec 28, 1899

Date of death


" Film writer, director and diplomatic. He was one of the greatest representatives of Spanish humorous narrative of his time."

Edgar Neville Romreé, Count of Berlanga del Duero, was born in Madrid, en 1899. After studying Law, he joined the diplomatic corps, which took him to several cities in America, Africa and Europe. He started his film career in Hollywood. he wrote screenplays, translated films and worked as a director for the first time. Back in Spain he released his first theatrical play in 1934, "Margarita y los hombres". He started to direct his own screenplays: "Miss Trévelez", "El último caballo" and "La torre de los siete jorobados", amongst others. He also produced the documentary "Duende y misterio del flamenco". He was a personal friend of some of the greatest humorists of the time, and collaborated in satirical publications such as "La Cordorniz" and "La ametralladora". He died in Madrid in 1967.

Essential works

  • The Last Horse © EFE

    The Last Horse (direction, script)

    The novelist and critic, Azorín, rated this as his favourite film. It is a brilliant comedy, half way between farce and neo-realism.

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  • Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks © EFE

    Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks (direction, script)

    A curious fantasy film that uses techniques and visual effects to experiment with the German Expressionist movement.

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  • Flamenco. Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive

    Flamenco (direction, script)

    This documentary film about the art of flamenco won an award at the Cannes Festival.

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Other highlighted works

  • Miss Trévelez

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