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Diego de Siloé

  • Artist / Creator - Generic image


Architecture, Sculpture




Born: ca. 1495

Died: 1563

"Architect and sculptor from Castile. He is one of the most refined artists of the Spanish Renaissance."

He was born in Burgos in around 1495. He studied with his father Gil de Siloé and completed his training in Italy. His first Spanish work was the gilded staircase in Burgos cathedral (1519-1523), where he also worked together with Bigarny on the creation of the altarpiece in the Condestable chapel. His most important work was the 'Holy family and Saint John'. He worked as an architect with Juan de Salas on the bell tower in Santa María del Campo in 1527. In 1528 he moved to Granada, where he created one of the most outstanding buildings of the Spanish Renaissance, the cathedral. He was the creator of one of the Basque Country's most fascinating funeral monuments, which can be seen in the church of San Miguel Arcángel in Oñate (Guipúzcoa). He died in Burgos in 1563. Through his talent and hard work he amassed a large fortune, which he bequeathed to the poor on his death.

Essential works

  • “Set design”. Barcelona © MNAC - Museu Nacional d´Art de Catalunya

    Set design

    This drawing is the only surviving architectural design by Diego de Siloé.

    National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) (Barcelona)

    More info
  • General view of Granada cathedral © Turespaña

    Granada Cathedral

    Diego de Siloé found the perfect way of combining a Renaissance dome with a Gothic floor plan. He joined the circular and basilica ground plans, which earned him the recognition of his fellow architects at that time.

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Other highlighted works

  • Holy Family and Saint John
  • Granada cathedral
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