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Daniel Zuloaga

  • Cerámica







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Date of death


" Ceramist. He is considered as a pioneer in ceramic arts in Spain. He created a school, returned to traditional techniques and introduced styles such as neo-renaissance and modernism to European fashion."

Zuloaga was born in Madrid in 1852 into a family of metalworking artists. His training began with his family. Daniel’s father, Eusebio Zuloaga, director of the Royal Armoury and expert in damascene; and his sister’s husband, the painter Ignacio Suárez Llanos, were his masters. He studied in the school of ceramics in Sèvres (France) and, on returning to Spain, he entered the Royal Factory in Moncloa. He was commissioned to decorate the Velázquez Mansion at Retiro Park in Madrid for the National Mining Exhibition of 1883. With this project, he would begin a productive professional relationship with the architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco. Zuloaga worked in various workshops in Madrid, Segovia and Guipúzcoa, and participated in international exhibitions that gave him the opportunity to have his work known. In 1907, he returned to Segovia and transformed the Church of San Juan de los Caballeros in his workshop. He died in Segovia in 1921.

Highlighted works

  • Exterior decoration of the Velázquez Mansion (Retiro Park in Madrid)
  • Exterior decoration of the Chrystal Palace (Retiro Park in Madrid)
  • Salón de Recreo in Burgos
  • Rooms in the Guipúzcoa Regional Government
  • Decoration of the Maudes Hospital in Madrid
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