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Dámaso Alonso

  • Dámaso Alonso (right) and Gerardo Diego in conversation during a session at the Spanish Royal Academy of Language © EFE

    Dámaso Alonso (right) and Gerardo Diego in conversation during a session at the Spanish Royal Academy of Language © EFE






Date of birth

Oct 22, 1898

Date of death


" Man of letters, poet and philologist. He is considered a member of the Generation of '27, and of the post-war."

Dámaso Alonso and Fernández de las Redondas was born in Madrid, in 1898. He studied in the Centre of Historical Studies, directed by Menéndez Pidal, and participated in the activities in the students' hall of residence, where he met García Lorca, Pepín Bello, Buñuel, Alberti, Cernuda and Altolaguirre. In Las Navas del Marqués he met Vicente Aleixandre and they became friends for life. The post-war changed his poetry and in 1944 he published "Children of Wrath", inaugurating rootless poetry. As part of his intensive work as a philologist, he recovered Góngora's culterano work. He taught language and literature in foreign and national universities. He was the director of the "Revista de Filología Española" magazine and of the Spanish Royal Academy of Language, where he fought against the fragmentation of the language. He died in Madrid in 1990.


Miguel de Cervantes National Prize (1978)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Children of wrath

    Deemed to be the most important work of the Generation of '27 poet, Dámaso Alonso, this is one of the most angst-ridden and existential books of poetry in Spanish.

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