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Chantal Maillard

  • Chantal Maillard © EFE

    Chantal Maillard © EFE






Date of birth


" Poet and essayist. Chantal Maillard, winner of the National Poetry Prize, has been described by critics as ‘one of the most intense, honest and radical voices in poetry on the scene today’."

She was born in Brussels, Belgium of Belgian parents, who moved the family to Malaga in 1963. Five years later she obtained Spanish citizenship. On finishing her doctorate in Philosophy, she went to India to specialise in Indian religions at Benares University. She taught Aesthetics and Theory of Art at Malaga University until 2001. In 1982, she published ‘Azul en re-menor’, her first book of poetry. She has also written a number of essays, including ‘Against art and other imposture’. In the writer’s own words, her poetry wishes to convey ‘the difficulty of discovering oneself in the world and as a subject’. ‘Bélgica’ was published in 2002.


Leonor Poetry Award
Ricardo Molina Ciudad de Cordoba Award
Juan Sierra Award
Ciudad de Santa Cruz de la Palma Award
National Critics' Award
Andalusia Critics' Award
National Poetry Prize

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Matar a Platón

    Two long poems make up this book, with which the poet and specialist in philosophy and eastern religions Chantal Maillard aims to break with rationalist Platonic tradition.

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Other highlighted works

  • Hainuwele
  • La otra orilla
  • Poemas a mi muerte
  • Semillas para un cuerpo
  • Contra el arte
  • Bélgica
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