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Carmen Calvo

  • Carmen Calvo poses in front of one of her works in the retrospective exhibition at the IVAM, 2022 © Miguel Lorenzo / IVAM

    Carmen Calvo poses in front of one of her works in the retrospective exhibition at the IVAM, 2022 © Miguel Lorenzo / IVAM

  • Carmen Calvo ©Michael Dunev

    Carmen Calvo ©Michael Dunev



Contemporary art



Date of birth


"Conceptual artist. Through her work Carmen Calvo has created a highly personal language in a clear example of Spain's cultural resurgence in recent years."

Carmen Calvo was born in Valencia in 1950. After studying advertising, she studied at the School of Arts and Crafts and subsequently the San Carlos School of Fine Arts. Years later she travelled to Madrid and Paris where she lived and worked as an artist, until in 1992 she returned to settle in Valencia. She is one of the most representative Spanish conceptual artists on the current art scene. Her classical training is evident even in her most avant-garde and groundbreaking compositions. These works are partly rooted in popular culture, in which she condemns the violence in society and reflects on the challenges posed by globalisation. Her works have earned her international acclaim, particularly since 1997 when she represented Spain in the Venice Biennale. In 2003 the Reina Sofía Art Centre staged a comprehensive exhibition of her work. She was awarded Spain's National Plastic Arts Award in 2013.


AECA award for the creator of the best work or series of works presented by living Spanish artists. Arco Madrid (2012)
National Plastic Arts Award (2013)

Highlighted works

  • No es lo que parece
  • Yo no le he hecho mal
  • Intervalo doloroso
  • La vierge folle
  • El deseo
  • L'Eclair
  • ¿Hay alguien en casa?
  • Serie Paisajes
  • The great theatre of the world
  • Les amis
  • Le Spleen de Paris 2
  • Estás enamorado, alquilado hasta agosto
  • Sudoroso y enfermos de contemplar aquello
  • Cuando el bosque tiembla y sangra
  • El azar es el maestro del humor
  • La poesía está en otro sitio
  • Mi cuerpo era un grito latente
  • Sería más feliz o menos
  • Y como el pensamiento
  • La vida se abre

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