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Carlos Ferrater

  • Carlos Ferrater © Antonio Moreno / EL MUNDO

    Carlos Ferrater © Antonio Moreno / EL MUNDO






Date of birth

Nov 22, 1944

"Architect. Important reference for contemporary architecture. In 2009 he was awarded the National Award for Architecture."

Born in Barcelona in 1944, he earned a degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture in his hometown in 1971, and earned his doctorate in 1987. Beginning in 1971, he worked in his studio in Barcelona. Since his beginnings, he combined his work as an architect with professorship activities: he is Professor of Architectural Design at UPC, has taught at the School of Architecture of Barcelona, and is Director of Architecture courses at UIMP. His architectural work on the Olympic Village in Barcelona earned him public recognition after 1992. His outstanding works include the Convention Centre in Cataluña, the Barcelona Botanical Gardens and the Benidorm Sea Promenade. His work is an effective combination of nature and geometry that does not sacrifice functionality.


City of Barcelona Award (1999, 2008)
Brunel International Architecture Award of Denmark(2005)
FAD 2007 Award in Ephemeral Interventions (2007)
BigMat Architecture Award (2009)
National Architecture Award (2009)

Highlighted works

  • Hebron Valley Olympic Village.
  • Intermodal Building at the Barcelona Airport
  • Zaragoza Delicias Intermodal Station
  • Barcelona Botanical Gardens
  • Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I in Barcelona
  • Cataluña Convention Centre
  • Castellon Auditorium
  • Granada Science Park
  • Benidorm Sea Promenade
  • Mediapro Building on the Audiovisual Campus in Barcelona
  • Royal Golf Club el Prat

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