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Camarón de la Isla

  • Camarón de la Isla © Larry Mangino / EL MUNDO

    Camarón de la Isla © Larry Mangino / EL MUNDO



Flamenco, Music



Date of birth

Dec 5, 1950

Date of death


"Flamenco singer. He is considered to be one of the greatest ever flamenco singers and revolutionised the art of flamenco singing."

Born in San Fernando (Cadiz) in 1950, his real name was José Monge Cruz. His stage name ('shrimp') was thanks to his blonde hair, very characteristic of the gypsy race. He contributed, along with maestros such as Enrique Morente, to the revival of the genre. Creator of 'flamenco gypsy rock', along with Tomatito. His success spread across international borders, and he eventually performed everywhere from New York to Tokyo. He performed in his first phase with the guitarist Paco de Lucia, who he met in Madrid and with whom he recorded his first album, featuring a predominance of pure flamenco. Tomatito, his childhood friend, later accompanied him in creating a more modern flamenco. In 1989 he recorded 'Soy gitano', the best-selling album in the history of flamenco. He died in Badalona in 1992.


Award in the Antonio Mairena Jondo Flamenco Singing Contest (1973)
National Flamenco Singing Award of the School of Flamencology and Andalusian Folklore Studies of Jerez (1975)
IV Golden Key of Flamenco Singing (2000, posthumously)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1992) 

Highlighted works

  • Chiquito de Camas
  • Al verte las flores lloran
  • Canastera
  • Me dieron una ocasión

More information

  • Web page: Camarón de la Isla
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