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Benjamín Palencia

  • Benjamín Palencia © EFE

    Benjamín Palencia © EFE






Date of birth


Date of death


" Painter. He was part of the foundation of the Vallecas School, which sought to revitalize the Spanish landscape in response to European vanguards."

Born in Barrax (Albacete) in 1894, he moved to Madrid in 1909 to train with Elias Tormo. There he met artists Bores, Dalí, Alberti, García Lorca, Cossió and Juan Ramón Jiménez; and later, Picasso and Miró in Paris. Together with Alberto Sanchez, he founded the Vallecas School (1927). He presented his first solo exhibition in Madrid (1928) at the Museum of Modern Art. In the years before the Civil War, he collaborated with the theatre group La Barraca. He won the Medal for first prize in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts (1943). During this second phase, he had numerous exhibitions in Spain and abroad. He was a member of two academies: San Fernando (1974) and San Jorge de Barcelona (1978). He died in Madrid in 1980.

Essential works

  • Benjamín Palencia. 'Portrait of Alberto'. Albacete Provincial Museum © De las reproducciones autorizadas, VEGAP, 2011

    Portrait of Alberto

    This is a key work of the School of Vallecas and the Spanish avant-garde of the pre-war period.

    Albacete Museum (Albacete)

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  • Benjamín Palencia. 'Cubist still life'. Albacete Provincial Museum © De las reproducciones autorizadas, VEGAP, 2011

    Cubist still life

    Avant-garde work by Benjamín Palencia which formed part of the 1925 “Exhibition of Iberian Artists”.

    Albacete Museum (Albacete)

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Other highlighted works

  • Villar del Pedroso
  • Mi molino
  • Cesta en el campo
  • Piornos en flor
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