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Antonio Machado

  • Antonio Machado © EFE

    Antonio Machado © EFE






Date of birth

Jul 26, 1875

Date of death


" Writer and poet. He is considered one of the great poets of the Spanish language. His vast work is distinguished by the simplicity and precision of the language."

Antonio Machado Ruiz was born in Seville in 1875, and died in Colliure (France) in 1939. He was the son of the folklorist Antonio Machado y Álvarez, and the younger brother of Manuel Machado, also a poet. He spent his childhood in Seville, and in 1883 moved with his family to Madrid, where he was educated at the special school known as the Institución Libre de Enseñanza and in other schools in Madrid. He was a member of the movement known as the Generation of '98. In 1927 he was elected member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language. At the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War he happened to be in Madrid, from where he moved with his mother and other members of the family to Rocafort and then to Barcelona. In January 1939 he started his journey into exile, but died suddenly in Colliure.

Essential works

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    Castilian plains

    The landscape of Castile and the countryside of Soria are the setting for the reflections in one of the highpoints of the literary output of the poet and prose writer, Antonio Machado.

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    The first book of poems published by the poet and prose writer, Antonio Machado. His poems are already instilled with the sadness and melancholy so characteristic of his writing.

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