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Antonio Buero Vallejo

  • Antonio Buero Vallejo © José Aymá / EL MUNDO

    Antonio Buero Vallejo © José Aymá / EL MUNDO



Literature, Theatre



Date of birth

Sep 29, 1916

Date of death

Apr 29, 2000

"Playwright. One of Spain’s most standout playwrights. The history of Spanish theatre in the second half of the 20th century personified."

Born in Guadalajara in 1916, his family moved to Madrid in 1934 and he joined the San Fernando Royal Academy. He fought with the republicans and, after the Civil War, was jailed. He met Miguel Hernández in jail whose famous portrait in pencil he made at the poet’s request just days before he was sentenced to death. He won the Lope de Vega Award in 1949 for The Story of a Stairway. This was the start of a great literary oeuvre which led to him writing nearly 30 plays. He won the Cervantes Award in 1986 and died in Madrid on 29th April 2000.


Lope de Vega Award for Theatre (1949)
National Theatre Award (1980)
Cervantes Award (1986)
National Spanish Literature Award (1996)
Madrid Region Culture Award (1997)

Essential works

  • ‘The Story of a Stairway’ © EFE

    Historia de una escalera

    The writer Antonio Buero Vallejo shows the ills of Spanish post-war society in his play The Story of a Stairway.

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Other highlighted works

  • The Basement Window
  • The Foundation
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