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Antoni Tàpies

  • Antoni Tàpies © Santi Cogolludo / EL MUNDO

    Antoni Tàpies © Santi Cogolludo / EL MUNDO



Sculpture, Painting



Date of birth

Dec 13, 1923

Date of death

Feb 6, 2012

"Painter, sculptor and theorist on Spanish art. He is an outstanding proponent of new techniques of drawing, lithography and collage on new artistic media, and is one of the foremost exponents of Informalism."

He was born in Barcelona in 1923, into a family with a liberal tradition. In 1950 he obtained a grant to study in Paris, where he had his first individual exhibition. He was self-taught, and from the 1960s, he began a phase in which he integrated everyday objects into his art, together with anthropomorphic symbols. His work in the 1970s was very varied stylistically. In the 1980s he began to be interested by Eastern culture, which was manifested by his emphasis on the material and the identity between man and nature. His works over recent years deal with pain, understood as an essential part of life. In 1990 the Antoni Tàpies Foundation opened in Barcelona at the artist’s own initiative. He died in Barcelona on 6 February 2012.


Engraving Award at the Ljubljana Biennale (1967)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1981)
Wolf Prize (Israel), shared with Marc Chagall (1982)
Rembrandt Award from the Goethe Foundation in Basel (1984)
French National Painting Award (1985)
Príncipe de Asturias Award for the Arts (1990)
Tomás Francisco Prieto Award (1991)
Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale (1993)
Herbert Boeckl Prize, Austria (1994)
Velázquez Plastic Arts Award (2003)
Wolf Prize (Israel), shared with Marc Chagall (1981)
Unesco Picasso Medal (1953)
Title of Marquis of Tàpies in recognition of his lifetime achievement (2010)

Essential works

Other highlighted works

  • Pintura ocre
  • Paja prensada a la X
  • Amor a muerte
  • Homenaje a Picasso
  • Calcetín
  • Personaje
  • Pirámide
  • Monocromo gris-ocre
  • Blanco con manchas rojas
  • Pequeño azul
  • Barniz con formas negras

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