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Àngels Margarit Viñals

  • Àngels Margarit Viñals © EFE

    Àngels Margarit Viñals © EFE






Date of birth


" Dancer, choreographer and teacher. Internationally renowned, she directs one of the most consolidated dance companies in Spain."

Born in Terrassa in 1960, she belongs to the first generation of contemporary dancers to come from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona from the late 1970's. She remained with the Heura collective for five years where she premiered "Temps al Biaix", the first Spanish dance show conceived as a single piece. She has been directing her own company Mudances since 1985. She entered the international scene with her first shows "Mudances" (1985) and "Kolbebasar" (1988) where she continued to regularly present her work. “Solo para una habitación de hotel” (1989), "Suite d'estiu" (1993) and "Flexelf" (2008) are some of the many shows she has worked on in her twenty years as a choreographer. She has collaborated with creators such as Andrés Corchero, María Muñoz, Alexis Eupierre and Mónica Valenciano in the field of improvisation.


Tórtola Award Valencia (1983)
National Award for Catalan Dance (1983)
National Dance Award (2010)
Federal Dance and Choreography Award (2013)

Highlighted works

  • Mudances
  • Kolbebasar
  • Flexelf
  • Solo para una habitación de hotel
  • From B to B

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