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Angélica Liddell

  • Angélica Liddell © EFE

    Angélica Liddell © EFE



Literature, Theatre



Date of birth


"Writer, actress and stage director. Winner of the 2012 National Dramatic Literature Award, Angélica Liddell has had a highly personal stage career."

Angélica Liddell was born in Figueres in 1966. she graduated in psychology and dramatic arts. In 1993 she founded the company Atra Bilis Teatro. In addition to theatrical texts, she also writes poetry and narrative, and creates performances. Many of her works have been performed in Spain and in other countries such as Germany, Brazil, France and Chile. They have also been translated into Portuguese, German and French. The critics have classified her theatre as "avant-garde and political, deeply heartfelt". The hallmarks of her work are social criticism, heartrending expressionism, purity and the search for meaning through pain and subversion. She has won numerous prizes, including the 2012 National Dramatic Literature Award for her work "La casa de la fuerza".


Casa de América Innovative Playwriting Award (2003)
Second prize in the Lope de Vega Award (2007)
Valle-Inclán Award (2008)
National Dramatic Literature Award (2012)

Essential works

  • Performance of La casa de la fuerza. Autumn Festival in Madrid © Julio Calvo

    La casa de la fuerza

    Winner of the 2012 National Dramatic Literature Award, this play by Angélica Liddell deals with pain, loneliness and spiritual defeat.

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Other highlighted works

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  • El matrimonio Palavrakis
  • Once upon a time in west Asphixia
  • Hysteria Passio
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  • Nubila Wahlheim
  • Mi relación con la comida
  • Y cómo no se pudrió Blancanieves
  • El año de Ricardo
  • Boxeo para células y planetas
  • Perro muerto en tintorería: los fuertes
  • La desobediencia
  • Anfaegtelse

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