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Andrés Rábago, El Roto

  • Andrés Rábago 'El Roto' © EFE/Mondelo

    Andrés Rábago 'El Roto' © EFE/Mondelo






Date of birth


"Comic strip artist and cartoonist. Andrés Rábago, El Roto, has been drawing social satire for decades. His career was distinguished with the National Illustration Award."

Andrés Rábago García, also known as Ops and El Roto, was born in Madrid in 1947. He was self-taught and started to publish his cartoons in the "Hermano Lobo" magazine in 1968. Later on he also produced illustrations for many printed media such as "La estafeta literaria", "La Codorniz", "Triunfo", "Cuadernos para el diálogo", "El independiente" and "Ajoblanco”. From 1978 onwards he started to collaborate in publications such as "El Jueves", "Tótem", "El Cuervo" and "Madriz". At the same time, his cartoons appeared in current affairs newspapers and weekly magazines such as "Diario 16", "Tiempo" and "El Periódico de Catalunya", amongst others. He has published several books with the cartoons he has made daily for the "El País" newspaper. In 2012 he was given the National Illustration Award for "his critical, poetic, sharp and intelligent view".


National Illustration Award (2012)
Leyenda award from the Booksellers' Guild of Madrid (2015)
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2017)

Highlighted works

  • Los hombres y las moscas
  • Mitos, ritos y delitos
  • Ovillos de baba
  • La cebada al rabo
  • Bestiario
  • De un tiempo a esta parte
  • Habas contadas
  • La memoria del constructor
  • La visita inesperada
  • El fogonero del Titanic
  • El pabellón de azogue
  • El guardagujas
  • El libro de los desórdenes
  • El libro de los abrazos
  • Vocabulario figurado
  • Viñetas para una crisis

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