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Ana Mariscal

  • Ana Mariscal © EFE

    Ana Mariscal © EFE






Date of birth

Jul 31, 1923

Date of death


" Theatre and film actress and director. The film "Raza", directed by Saénz de Heredia, with screenplay by Francisco Franco, marked her future as an actress."

Ana María Rodríguez Arroyo Mariscal was born in Madrid, in 1923. When she was 20 years old she was hired by Luis Escobar to be the protagonist of "Dulcinea", by Gaston Baty. Her second film was "El último húsar", by Luis Marquina. Thanks to this role she was chosen as protagonist for the film by Saénz de Heredia, with screenplay by Francisco Franco, "Raza". After being successful in theatre, in 1952 she made her debut as a director with "Segundo López", where she introduced a very Spanish neorealism. In 1954 she moved to Buenos Aires to interpret García Lorca. In 1981, she directed the play "Los muertos" by Max Aub in La Villa Cultural Centre in Madrid. She died in Madrid in 1995.


Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1994)

Essential works

  • Poster. Race ©EFE

    Race (interpretation)

    From a historical point of view, this film, based on a novel by General Franco, is a valuable document which expresses his ideology.

    More info
  • Segundo López. Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive

    Segundo López (direction, script, interpretation)

    When it was premiered, this Neo-realist customs comedy was praised by the critics. It also stands out because it was directed by a woman, Ana Mariscal, which was not usual back then.  

    More info

Other highlighted works

  • Con la vida hicieron fuego
  • Occidente y sabotaje
  • El camino
  • Vestida de novia
  • El paseíllo
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