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Ana Penyas

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"Through her work “Estamos todas bien”, she has managed to raise awareness of a silenced generation as well as turning it into a tribute to the women of the post-war era."

She was born in Valencia in 1987. She graduated in Industrial Design and has a degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. In 2015, she was selected for an artistic residency in De Liceiras, Porto, and has appeared at “Ilustríísima”, the Madrid Illustration Festival, and “Tenderete”, the Self-publishing Festival in Valencia several times with various self-published projects.
Her work “Estamos todas bien”, for which she won the National Comic Award, is a tribute to the women of the post-war era, which has enabled her to retrieve the voice of a silenced generation through a family story. The innovation and originality of the visual production are the two of the most striking features of her work, not to mention her ability to integrate comic and other resources. Her social commitment has led to her continuing with projects such as “Mexique”, about 456 republican children who set sail from Bordeaux towards Mexico in 1937, and “En transición”, a picture book that collects fragments from a time that is now under focus.


Iberoamérica Ilustra Special Mention, 2015
Iberoamérica Ilustra VII Catalogue for the “Viaje al Interior” series, 2016
FNAC-Salamandra Graphic International Graphic Novel Award, 2016
Iberoamericano Ilustra VIII Catalogue for the “Buscando un sitio” series, 2017
Breakthrough Author from the Barcelona Comic Fair, 2017
National Comic Award, 2018

Highlighted works

  • “Estamos todas bien”
  • “En transición”
  • “Mexique”

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