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Álvaro Delgado Ramos

  • Álvaro Delgado Ramos © EFE

    Álvaro Delgado Ramos © EFE






Date of birth

Jun 9, 1922

Date of death

Jan 3, 2016

"A Spanish expressionist painter. Portraits, still lifes, landscapes and animals predominate in his painting. His work ranges between the traditional and the avant-garde."

He was born in Madrid in 1922. He was a loyal follower of Benjamín Palencia, a member of the School of Vallecas. He took part in the Spanish Art Exhibition in 1950 in Cairo and at the Venice Biennale. He has been a permanent member of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts since 1973, and a full member of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1988. In 2003 he was chosen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be part of the 'Spanish Art Overseas' programme. That very year he exhibited at the Spanish Institute of New York. His work covers a wide variety of themes: landscapes, still lifes, genre works and portraits. In 1942 he wrote the work 'On the School of Vallecas' to coincide with his departure from the group. He died in Madrid on 3rd January 2016.


S.E.U. National Poster Competition Award (1939).
1st Latin American Biennial Award (1952)
Great Prize for Painting at the 1st Alexandria Biennial (1955)
Grand Prize for Painting at the National Exhibition of Mediterranean Art in Alicante (1960)
Gold Medal at the 12th National Engraving Show (1962)
Best Painting Exhibition Award (1988)
Madrid City Council Medal for Artistic Merit (1991)
Gold Medal of the City of Madrid (1995)
Gold Medal for Fine Arts (1996)
Artesantander Gold Medal (1997)
GERION Prize (2000)

Highlighted works

  • Adam
  • Preface. Portrait of Altolaguirre
  • The Silence of Gerardo Diego
  • Evocation of Federico García Lorca
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