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Almudena Grandes

  • Almudena Grandes © Lorena Otero. Donostia Kultura

    Almudena Grandes © Lorena Otero. Donostia Kultura






Date of birth

May 7, 1960

Date of death

Nov 27, 2021

"Writer. “Los pacientes del doctor García” is the fourth book in an ambitious project called “Episodios de una guerra interminable” and which won the 2018 National Literature Prize for Narrative."

She was born in 1960. She obtained a degree in Geography and History from the Complutense University of Madrid. She worked for several years in the publishing world, mainly on texts for encyclopaedias. Her first novel “The Ages of Lulu” was made into a film by Bigas Luna and translated into 20 languages. She has published other novels such as: “I Will Call You Friday”, an erotic tale; “Malena is the Name of a Tango”, which Gerardo Herrero made into a film; “The Wind from the East” which was also made into a film; and a series of articles in El País newspaper entitled “Mercado de Barceló”, among many other works. In 2010 she began the “Episodios de una guerra interminable” series which is made up of four books: “Inés y la alegría” (2010), “El lector de Julio Verne” (2012), “Las tres bodas de Manolita” (2014) and the fourth, “Los pacientes del doctor García” (2017) which won the 2018 National Literature Prize for Narrative. She died in Madrid in 2021.


11th La Sonrisa Vertical Prize, 1989
Julián Besteiro Award for Art and Literature, 2002
Cálamo Prize for Best Book of the Year 2002 for “The Wind from the East”
Premio Fundación José Manuel Lara 2008 prize for “The Frozen Heart”.
Premio Iberoamericano de Novela Elena Poniatowska 2011 prize for “Inés y la alegría”
Premio Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 2011 prize for “Inés y la alegría”
National Literature Prize for Narrative for “Los pacientes del doctor García”, 2018

Essential works

  • © Tusquets

    Los pacientes del doctor García

    The fourth volume of the “Episodios de una guerra interminable” series by Almudena Grandes is a novel about the Spanish Civil War for which the author received the National Narrative Literature Award 2018.

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Other highlighted works

  • “Las edades de Lulú”, 1989
  • “Te llamaré Viernes”, 1991
  • “Malena es un nombre de tango”, 1994
  • “El lector de Julio Verne”, 2012
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