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Alicia Díaz de la Fuente

  • Alicia Díaz de la Fuente © Carlos Díaz de la Fuente -

    Alicia Díaz de la Fuente © Carlos Díaz de la Fuente -






Date of birth


"Composer. On the strength of her solid career, Alicia Díaz de la Fuente has been chosen for the 2022 National Music Award for composition."

Alicia Díaz de la Fuente was born in Madrid in 1967. She studied Organ and Composition at the Madrid Royal Conservatory of Music. In 2005, she received a doctorate in Philosophy from the UNED. She furthered her Organ studies in Barcelona with Montserrat Torrent, and while working at the University of Alcalá de Henares under the direction of José Luis de Delás. As a composer, she has received numerous commissions from leading artistic institutions such as the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music, the National Centre for Musical Diffusion, the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain and the JONDA. Her works include Ecos del Pensamiento (1995), En el Azul (1995), Siluetas sobre fondo de silencio (1997), Elde (2000), Redes al tiempo (2002), Llueven Estrellas de Mar (2018) and Y la semana se llenó de luz (2022). She is Professor of Composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, where she teaches classes at the Bachelor and Master levels.


National Music Award for composition (2022)
INAEM Composition Award (1997)
Musical Creation Awards from the Ministry of Culture (1995)
Jacinto and Inocencio Guerrero Foundation Award (1993)
Flora Prieto Award (1992)

Highlighted works

  • Y la mañana se llenó de luz (2022)
  • Llueven estrellas en el mar (2018)
  • Habib (2008)
  • La noche en ti no alterna (2007)
  • Aymará (2007)
  • Redes al tiempo (2002)
  • El destino de Euterpe (2002)
  • Elde (2000)
  • Siluetas sobre fondo de silencio (1997)
  • Ecos del pensamiento (1995)
  • En el azul (1995)

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