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Alfredo Sanzol

  • Alfredo Sanzol, during the delivery ceremony of the National Culture Awards © Casa SM El Rey

    Alfredo Sanzol, during the delivery ceremony of the National Culture Awards © Casa SM El Rey



Literature, Theatre



Date of birth


"Director and playwright. His dramatic work is characterised by his sense of humour and the search for his own formal style."

He was born in Madrid in 1972 and graduated in Law from the University of Navarre, and in Stage Direction from the Royal School for Performing Arts. He has given courses and workshops at La Casa de América, La Casa Encendida, the National Theatre of Bogota, the Matadero de Madrid, La Sala Beckett, La Térmica, the Navarre Theatre School, the Spanish Society of Authors, the Olite Classical Theatre Festival, and the National Drama Centre. His works have been performed at the National Drama Centre, the Teatro de la Abadía, the Cuarta Pared, the Festival Grec, the Gayarre Theatre and the Lilure Theatre. He has won the Premio Max for Stage Arts on three occasions and the Spanish National Literature Award for Dramatic Literature, in 2017.


Premio Max Stage Arts for “Delicadas”, in 2011, “Días estupendos”, in 2012 and “En la Luna”, in 2013.
Premio Ceres Best Playwright for “En la Luna”.
National Literature Prize for Dramatic Literature (2017)
Valle-Inclán Theatre Award for “La Ternura” (2018)

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    La respiración

    The sorrow of a separated woman and her attempts to rediscover her self-esteem are the plot details of “La respiración”.

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Other highlighted works

  • “La valentía” (2018)
  • “La ternura” (2018)
  • “La Respiración” (2016)
  • “La Calma Mágica” (2014)
  • “La importancia de llamarse Ernesto” (2012)
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