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Alberto Posadas

  • Alberto Posadas © EFE

    Alberto Posadas © EFE






Date of birth


" Composer. Alberto Posadas is one of Spain's most internationally renowned composers. He won the National Music Award in 2011."

His full name is Juan Alberto Posadas Gago. He was born in Valladolid in 1967, and received his musical training in Valladolid and Madrid. In 1988 he met the man he considered to be his true master, Francisco Guerrero Marín, with whom he studied composition and discovered new techniques for the creation of musical forms such as fractals and combinatorics. In his quest to incorporate an aesthetic element, he uses his own compositional models with components from disciplines such as architecture, painting and movement. He taught himself electroacoustic music in order to explore this genre, and has created a range of different projects. From 1993 on his international reputation began to grow: his works are performed in numerous countries, he receives requests to appear at festivals, and also undertakes various major commissions. He combines his work as a composer with teaching, in addition to frequent appearances as a speaker in courses and contemporary music seasons.


Audience Award at the Ars Música festival in Brussels (2002)
National Music Award for composition (2011)

Highlighted works

  • Liturgia de silencio
  • In memoriam Francisco Guerrero
  • Órbitas
  • Bifurcaciones
  • Arborescencias
  • Resplandor
  • Liturgia fractal
  • Snefru
  • Versa est in luctum
  • Del reflejo de la sombra
  • Glossopoeia
  • Cuatro escenas negras

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